old description for a cms that I wanted to write

Nesman.net cms: All admin functions will be handled through an admin (editor, edit, etc) directory. Requests to the admin dir will be rejected unless the http auth vars are set, to make sure that users set password protection. Files must be uploaded through ftp (or ssh, etc) and not through the cms. This stops the need for dirs set to 777, and also helps make sure user has a local backup of any articles. Admin page will have an update function to update any navigation to link to new pages. Information about software updates can be displayed rss style in the admin page to make it easy to give info about bug fixes. All visitor pages will be similar in structure, because of shared files for navigation and display. Php includes should be ok here. Navigation will list all files from the last 2 months, or the last X articles. If I can create symlinks to previous months dirs with php, this will work. Otherwise, Maybe keep a variable file (or a line in a config file) to keep track of what months to list articles for. Maybe update this file whenever admin update is used, so that navigation does not empty after a few months with no articles. Allow user to design his own logo to be used across header and nav portions of pages. Maybe set this as bgimage.jpg for easy editing.