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Fri Oct 5 10:27:56 CDT 2007

Default Linux Screensavers

Linux Screensavers were probably my first real experience with Linux. I remember installing Red Hat at ITT. The instructors let us play around with the setting, and this is where everybody ended up. They range from very plain to very shiny.
(Most of) These come installed on most Linux systems by default. These days I tend to run with a blank screen after a few minutes, but that's another story. I would just let it hibernate, but that doesn't always work out. Some of my favorites:
  • Substrate is my favorite. It draws a shaded crystaline that ends up looking like a top view of a city.
  • FuzzyFlakes is overly cute snowflakes.
  • GFlux
  • GLMatrix
  • GLPlanet
  • glschool
  • Helix
  • Hypertorus
  • Interaggregate
  • WebCollage was requested to be left running on my computer at work for 3rd shift to stare at.

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